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Senior profile: Lifting the pressure

Jack Matousek, features writer

May 12, 2019

As the bell rings, many students spill out into the hallways talking about the day’s events.  One senior, Nolan Hauck, is an exception to this daily routine. Drawstring bag strung tightly over his shoulders, he walks confidently, cutting through the line of students making his way towards the weig...

Senior profile: Richard Beamer

Senior profile: Richard Beamer

Mimi Wright, in-depth editor

May 5, 2015

For the second time at the Olympic Training Center, 833 miles away from St. Louis in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the heavy thud of weights can be heard by Richard Beemer as they drop to the ground by other weightlifters. Richard’s muscles bulge and sweat appears on his forehead as he trains. Richard...

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