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VoK: St. Louis Women’s March

VoK: St. Louis Women's March

Adler Bowman and Izzy Colón

January 22, 2018

According to KSDK, thousands carried their experiences with injustice across the length of Market St. on Saturday, Jan. 20. TKC talked with a few of these many voices and asked them why they came out on such a cloudy, chilly morning. Here’s why they marched. “I’ve gotten a lot more signatures than...

A white male’s experience at the Women’s March on St. Louis

A white male's experience at the Women's March on St. Louis

Holden Foreman, web editor

January 21, 2017

Their signs flooded Market Street in downtown St. Louis. To an outsider, they looked similar enough: a group of predominantly white women gathered to complain about the new president. Yet, their signs told a richer story. Their signs insisted black lives matter, their signs demanded LGBTQ rights and...

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Women’s March on St. Louis