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Conan Gray takes flight with release of “Kid Krow”

21-year-old singer-songwriter Conan Gray released his debut album

Kate Schreiber, features writer

May 5, 2020

Conan Gray is impossible to define. He’s all the best parts of story-like songwriting with the touch of experimental sounds and a sweet voice that’s revolutionizing the pop scene. He began his career with covers and videos on YouTube and released his EP “Sunset Season” in 2018. While he has h...

Check your six: Fortnite’s newest season is here

Photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons license

Tom Mueller, features writer

October 8, 2018

Fortnite, the wildly popular, multi-platform, battle royale video game, just had its fifth major update with the start of its sixth season. Battle royale games have, over the past year, exploded in popularity; depending on the game, between ten and 100 players simultaneously drop onto a map, unarmed and unshielded. Players must then search treasure chests, supply drops, b...

Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Senior Profiles: Zoe Risch

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

May 3, 2018

In a purple bedroom, pop music plays while one sister teachs makeup to the other. Giggles fill the room as Mary Kay samples are smeared on. Like many pre-teens, older sister Zoe, had recently become enveloped in the world of makeup. It was a way for her to find her identity amongst a lot of changes, like her family’s move from Calif...

Exotic fruit review

Exotic fruit review

Ainsley Fox and Malcia Greene

February 23, 2018

TKC tries and reviews exotic fruit from dragonfruit to jackfruit to rambutan.

Blocked websites

Erin Bugee

Quentin Stepp, copy editor

February 13, 2018

*This piece is entirely satirical Ever since we first got the iPads back in the glory days of middle school, the semi-permeable membrane that is the Kirkwood firewall has protected us from harmful websites that may hinder our learning or expose our young minds to heinous things such as pornography, the...

TKC plays Minecraft

TKC plays Minecraft

Holden Foreman, entertainment editor

March 16, 2016

Welcome to TKC plays, a new entertainment series from, in which the staff plays popular video games while giving live commentary. Unlike in other news, what happens next rests entirely in the hands of you, the viewer, via your feedback and suggestions. So, whether you want to learn...

Call me, (be)ep (me), if you want to reach me

Call me, (be)ep (me), if you want to reach me

Trevor Cleveland, entertainment editor

November 14, 2015

Beme delivers one of the most liberating experiences in social media since Facebook launched its photo feature in 2005. The app simply takes away the self-scrutiny and excessive filtration that plagues modern social media. The beauty of Beme comes from its hands-free, revision-free video format which, des...

Achieving a gym-worthy workout at home

Achieving a gym-worthy workout at home

Anna Mullendore, features writer

April 26, 2015

As spring showers douse STL, it is difficult to muster the motivation to go for a run. In lieu of using recent dreary weather as an excuse for not getting in a workout, take advantage of your dry, comfy home to defeat the homeridden stigma, and get moving. An effective start to your home conditioning...

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