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Top five features stories of 2018

Kara Reiger

TKC staff

December 27, 2018

Here on TKC we are not just journalists, we are storytellers. This past year the features section aimed to tell stories of diversity, of people doing good, and of problems facing our community. From struggling with a Korean-American identity in "Call me Hwijung," a mission of compassion in "Sin...

Senior profile: Zack Demetri

Senior profile: Zack Demetri

Thomas Birmingham, in-depth editor

May 14, 2018

Anthony sits on his hero’s shoulders. The boy he clings to locks his arms firmly around Anthony’s fragile legs, the steady grip erasing the slightest chance of falling. His smile fills his small face. It reflects the brightness of the Nicaraguan sun shining down on him. He looks happy, at...

Valentine’s Day couples 2018

Valentine's Day couples 2018

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

February 12, 2018

Have you ever seen any movie about high school without couples all around campus? Yeah, didn’t think so. In our culture, couples are a major part of high school life, and KHS is no different. Here are just three KHS couples sharing their story in time for Valentine’s Day: Charlotte Heinrich ...

Photo gallery: Mr. KHS 2018

Zack Demetri, senior, accepts his crown after winning Mr. KHS.

Megan Van Buren, Mary Ralson, Audrey Berns, and Kelley Cochran

February 8, 2018

The annual Mr. KHS competition was held in the Keating theater Feb. 1. This pageant is a fundraiser for the Pommies, and the contestants are elected from different clubs and extracurricular activities. The winners of this year's contest include Zack Demetri as Mr. KHS, Jack Dunn as first runner-up,...

Senior Profile: Joshua Demetri

Senior Profile: Joshua Demetri

Abby Geisz, copy editor

May 11, 2017

At 4 years old, he spent his weekends climbing Machu Picchu or in town where sheep and chickens were being sold at every street corner. Because he went to an English immersion school, he learned how to speak fluent Spanish in order to fit into the culture around him. Joshua Demetri lived in Peru for three...

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