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Maddie Hawes

Interests:  acting, singing jazz and classical music, collecting everything vintage to satisfy my desire to live anytime during the 1920's-1980's, listening to all kinds of music (alternative rock is the best), drinking hot tea, creating art, admiring the sky and dreaming of future endeavors while exploring the world.

Favorite food: This is a toughy. I'm going to have to go with snickerdoodle cookies because though they're rare, they're truly a delicacy.

Favorite quote: "She was like a storm. Not the kind you run from but the kind you chase."

What does the 100th year of The Call mean to you?: I thank my lucky stars every time I take a moment to look around the usually crowded SJ. The Kirkwood Call is one of the most inspiring programs I've ever encountered. Everyone who's ever produced content for the Call has left their mark in a remarkable way and we still honor those steps to this day. This year our job on the Call staff is to celebrate the stories and staffers who dedicated their time so the Call would be as recognized and renowned as it is to KHS and beyond today. I am honored to be a part of this monumental year for TKC.

If you had to be another staffer, who would you be and why?:  Michael Teasedale. His many words have made a lasting impact on SJ and Eden.

Maddie Hawes, web editor

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