iPad Distribution Incomplete

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iPad Distribution Incomplete

Ben Cohen, web staff

Students were issued iPad minis Wednesday, Aug 21, during homeroom. All grade levels were issued iPads, with the exception of about  4 percent of students.

Over the summer, KHS’s technology staff worked to resettle and install new security systems on the iPads, Mike Gavin, assistant principal, said. It will be harder for students to alter their iPads this year, as the school has an improved control, limiting apps students can download and making a factory update impossible.

Teachers have worked preparing iPads over the summer as well, specifically the Technology Leadership Group (TLG). The TLG meets monthly and consists of nine teachers devoted to using the iPads as an in-class learning tool. Their goal is to improve student achievement through technology, Amy Barker, English teacher and member of TLG, said.

“It was really neat to feel like we’re moving forward as the world moves forward in technology,” Barker said.

The principals and teachers said they have a lot planned for the iPads this school year. There is an iPad help station for students in the library that is open from 7 a.m.-3 p.m daily run by technology specialists.

“The focus is on how it is a learning tool and not a toy,” Gavin said. “It’s not a magic bullet. It’s not going to be perfect yet.”

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Some students dislike the iPads because they feel as if the iPads are not worth the $1.775 million price tag the school district pays for their functions.

“Hopefully we’ll use them more this year,” Brenna Robertson, sophomore, said. “It was a dead weight always at the bottom of my backpack.”

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