Last second fantasy football tips

Last second fantasy football tips

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Ryan Davidson and Ethan Cost

After many long months of waiting the NFL season is finally here. This also means fantasy football is upon us.  Here are a few tips to help you win your league.


-Check the waiver wire and free agency every week.

-Before you start any player, make sure to check their matchup (the team they are playing) that week.  If the opponent has a strong defense, reconsider the decision to start that player.

-Don’t just draft by the rankings; draft by need and who you think will give you the best chance to win your league.

-QB is the most important position, but there are a surplus of first-tier quarterbacks, so don’t panic if you don’t draft a quarterback in the first four rounds.


-Most mobile QBs are highly inconsistent.

-If you draft a RB in the first round and Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees are still available in round two, take one of them. They are by far the best three fantasy QBs in the NFL.

-Big three QBs gone? Try one of these gunslingers: Matt Ryan, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, Nick Foles, Philip Rivers, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, or Josh McCown.

-Make sure to stay away from Robert Griffin III until you already have a top-tier quarterback.

-Draft more RBs than any other position.

-Elite RBs are rare, so try to draft one in the first round.

-Don’t be afraid to take a second-year RB in the first round.

-Be aware that there are several big name RB busts out there, such as Steven Jackson, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Trent Richardson, and Ray Rice.

-If you have an open flex spot and a RB and a WR with equal upside, always start the RB; RBs are much more likely to touch the ball more often than a WR.

-With the suspension of Josh Gordon, keep an eye on Cleveland’s other receivers.

-Wait a few rounds to draft a TE, unless Jimmy Graham is available.

-Don’t take a K or D/ST until near the end of the draft.

-If the Seahawks D/ST is still available in the 8th round, take them. There’s a reason why they won the Super Bowl.




Cleveland Browns’ receivers

Miami Dolphins’ QB Ryan Tannehill

St. Louis Rams’ RB Zac Stacy

St. Louis Rams’ D/ST

San Francisco 49ers’ QB Colin Kaepernick


Bounceback Players

Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ RB Doug Martin

New England Patriots’ TE Rob Gronkowski

Atlanta Falcons’ WR Julio Jones

Indianapolis Colts’ WR Reggie Wayne

Houston Texans’ RB Arian Foster

New Faces, New Places

New York Jets’ WR Eric Decker

San Francisco 49ers’ WR Stevie Johnson

Oakland Raiders’ QB Matt Schaub

Washington Redskins’ WR DeSean Jackson

Baltimore Ravens’ WR Steve Smith

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Rookies to Watch

Tennessee Titans’ RB Bishop Sankey

Jacksonville Jaguars’ QB Blake Bortles

New Orleans Saints’ WR Brandin Cooks

Buffalo Bills’ WR Sammy Watkins

Carolina Panthers’ WR Kelvin Benjamin


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