Kirkwood sets world record


Daniel Paese

On Sept. 27, over 1,132 people came to KHS and participated in the Great Pat Rub.

Ben Cohen, web staff

Kirkwood unofficially broke the world record for the most people patting their heads and rubbing their stomachs at the same time in 60 seconds on Saturday, Sept. 27 at Lyons Memorial Stadium. According to Ginger Cayce, KSD communications director, 1,132 people successfully participated in breaking the record.

KSD has submitted the results including video footage as evidence to Guinness, who is expected to respond in 8-12 weeks. Pommies and cheerleaders were present at the event to cheer on the crowd, but due to the shortage of people they participated in the pat rub as well. The idea of breaking a world record was presented last year by Peyton Boyd and Reed Grimm, 6th graders at Nipher Middle School.

After the Pat Rub, participants lined up in a 150 formation. Pictures were taken by Randy Kriewall, math teacher from a fire truck and taken by Brian Cassidy, photographer, from a police helicopter.

150 Photo
Photo courtesy of Randy Kriewall

Kirk Care, a food pantry in Kirkwood, raised $268 and collected eight boxes of non-perishable food items with help from North Kirkwood Middle School students.

“It went really well,” Cayce said. We were prepared and had enough volunteers for 2,000 to 3,000 people.”