Athlete Of The Week: Delayne Ivanowski


Photo by Ellen Hutti

Christian Heutel, sports writer

When field hockey season rolls around, Delayne Ivanowski, junior, is always prepared to get back into a routine of having multiple practices a day, along with having to fit other priorities in such as school work.

This past season, Ivanowski was an upperclassman on the varsity squad and felt a new sense of responsibility and duty on the team. Though she has been playing field hockey for three years, she has grown to be at a level where she can help improve someone else’s game, she said.

“With being an upperclassman, I get a chance to lead the younger ones on the team,” Ivanowski said. “I bring energy and push everyone to do better.”

Whitney Ludwig, assistant head varsity coach, agrees Ivanowski is one of the best players on the team who brings skill and helps them win games.

“Delayne is a phenomenal player,” Ludwig said. “When she is on the field, the level of play is heightened for the whole team. She is unselfish, but the team looks up to her to score goals.”

Ludwig believes playing other sports has given Ivanowski an advantage.

“Her experience in playing ice hockey in the winter and all year round definitely connects to field hockey very well, especially improving her skills,” Ludwig said.

One of the main reasons Ivanowski chose to play field hockey in high school was the uniqueness of the sport and the unknown rules.

“Not many people know about field hockey, so it is fun to explain the rules to people who are curious about it or don’t know anything about it,” Ivanowski, center midfielder, said.

Their most recent season ended a couple weeks ago, ending on a high note with a good record, but Ivanowski thought there was still room for improvement. Overall, Ludwig thought their season turned out great as they ended with a record of 8-8-2.

In their last game of the regular season against Marquette, Ivanowski suffered an ankle injury. Though, according to her coach she powered through the pain to play in the first round of the state tournament, as the team came up short and ended their season with a 3-0 loss.

A notable game for Ivanowski was an annual game against Webster Groves, where they pulled out a 5-2 win, and she got three goals and two assists.

“We love beating Webster,” Ivanowski said. “Winning is my favorite part about field hockey and I love to win it for my goalie, because she is really good.”