Athlete of the Week: Jake Heckman


photo courtesy of Adaline Bray

Holden Foreman, sports writer

Some injuries can be career-ending, and even if an injured player makes it back to the field lost talent can prevent them from recovering their skill. A torn ACL, however, failed to keep Jake Heckman, senior, from what he said has been a passion since first grade.

“It was pretty rough bouncing back, and I still don’t feel 100 percent,” Heckman said.

The injury came during Heckman’s first season on a club soccer team, and he missed his entire junior season with KHS as a result. It came after winning the defensive MVP award his freshman and sophomore years, which Heckman said have been his biggest achievements in the sport.

“This is my last year with the sport, and I think I’m done with it, but it’s been fun,” Heckman said.

Heckman could have given up with the knowledge that he was only missing one season, but he wanted to finish his career on the field instead of the bench. He fulfilled this goal when the soccer team played their final game of the season Monday with a 0-1 loss against Lafayette.

“He’s a strong soccer player, a great leader and very dedicated,” Joseph Striler, junior, said.

Heckman said his relationship with, not only the other seven seniors, but the entire team, is one reason he enjoys the sport. In his four years on the team he said they have been good friends despite making up about a third of the team.

“We have good chemistry together, and it’s been a good year,” Heckman said.