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May 3, 2016
Jamie Jones

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art by Perry Tatlow

The Kirkwood Call is devoting its final issue of 2014 to charities in the St. Louis area. We are covering 18 charities; a Thinglink has been created with the location and information about each one.

Navigate around St. Louis and find out what various charities are doing, where to find them and how you can help.



Pianos for People: refurbishes pianos and gives them to those in need.

Friends of Kids With Cancer: supports those under the age of 21 while they battle cancer.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis: works proactively to prevent animals from becoming strays and does not put down any rescues.

ALS Association: provides case management for those afflicted with ALS.

The Lions Club of Kirkwood: an adult community service club that volunteers around Kirkwood.

Mission Compassion: a club based at KHS that works with charities all over the world.

Kirk Care: works as a food pantry and also provides financial aid to those in need.*

Ronald McDonald House: a place for families of hospitalized children to stay; located near the hospital where their child is being treated. They support separate organizations depending on the needs of the children.

Kirkwood Youth Service: a club at KHS, also known as KYS. It’s members volunteer and raise money for charities.

Greentree Church: based in Kirkwood, this group helps other churches make an impact in their community.

Food Outreach: works to provide nutrition for those battling HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Boys Hope Girls Hope: relocates students to better school districts than the district they are currently enrolled in.

Kids Who Care: a Missouri non-profit organization run by children.

CHADS Coalition for Mental Health: raises awareness about depression and provides counseling for those battling depression.

Camp Independence: a sports camp, run by St. Louis Children’s hospital, meant for children with cerebral palsy.

SPENSA: hosts soccer practices for children with special needs.

Kanakuk Haiti: raises money for Haitian children’s schools; also raises money for Christmas gifts.**


*Due to confidentiality, only contact information is listed.

**This charity is based in Haiti; only contact information is listed.