“Chewbacca” arrested in Ukraine after turning to the dark side

Will Drury, opinions writer

Article adapted from The Huffington Post

A man dressed in Chewbacca costume was handcuffed and taken away Oct. 25 after campaigning for Darth Vader at an election poll in Ukraine. After appearing in court, he was fined $7.50 to which he replied, “his funds are an intergalactic bank that has no branches on this planet.” This event is startling evidence of the return of the Sith Lord, and local authorities have warned citizens to watch out for any other signs of the dark side of the force.

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photo courtesy of @NataliaAntonova

Kennedy Wade – cat lady:

“I’ll vote for whoever supports legalizing catnip.”


Robson Ali – wookie impersonator:

“I am appalled with this affront against Wookie rights. Best be sure that I will be contacting the NAAWP (the national association for the advancement of Wookie proponents) as well as my lawyer.”


Max Shulklapper – professional staple remover:

“When discussing the presence of the Dark Side in Eastern Europe, I think we all know that the real Sith lord is Vladimir Putin.”


*This blog is entirely satirical