Budget plan approved by School Board


Administrative Service Center and North Kirkwood Middle School where the School Board meeting will be held. Located at: 11287 Manchester Road Kirkwood, MO 63122.

Ben Cohen, breaking news editor

Dec. 14

The Kirkwood School Board voted unanimously in approval of Dr. Thomas Williams’ budget proposal. Williams, superintendent, proposed cutting $871,000 in this year’s budget and cutting $4.14 million of next year’s.

Dec. 12

Dr. Thomas Williams, KSD superintendent, will recommend a proposal cutting $871,000 of this year’s budget and a $4.14 million cut of the 2016-17 school year’s budget at the School Board meeting 7 p.m. Dec. 14 at the North Kirkwood Middle School cafeteria. Attendees will be permitted to speak for 3 minutes each to voice their opinion. The budget crisis became evident after Proposition A failed to pass, losing by nearly 60 percent of votes. Staff reductions, salary freezes, benefit changes and transportation cuts are parts of Williams’ plan.
“Unfortunately, the failure of Proposition A is forcing us to make some painful but necessary budget cuts, and the time has come to make some tough decisions,” Williams said in an email to KSD staff.


Key points from Williams’ budget proposal:

Cost-saving measures for 2015-16: $871,000

• Savings from freezing and reducing school and department budgets by 20 percent

• Savings from the mid-year hiring freeze

• Reduce professional development and substitute teaching days.

• Eliminate administrative cell phone reimbursements.


Cost-saving measures for 2016-17: $4.14 million

• Salary freeze

• Employees pay increase on insurance premiums in December 2016.

• Reduce transportation expenses

• Reduce “Extended Day” and “Extra Pay for Extra Duty” pay.

• Reduce administration positions.

• Reduce teaching positions

• Reduce support staff positions (teaching assistants, walking counselors)