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photo by Maddie Hawes

Maddie Hawes, features writer

It’s Monday. You spent all night studying for a huge test today and realize that the bus left thirty minutes ago. What you wear is most likely the last thing on your mind. You throw on a t-shirt and sweatpants, grab your backpack and run.  Most students wear this comfort-over-style look at KHS. However, some students choose to express their style at school. TKC hit the halls searching for students to ask about the inspiration they use to create unique outfits each day.

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photo by Maddie Hawes

Natalie Radt, sophomore

“I go to Plato’s Closet, a store where they sell clothes other people have already worn, but they sell them for cheaper prices. That way, I can wear nice clothes without spending a lot of money. A lot of times I’ll go there with one of my friends to pick stuff out because I get tired of wearing sweatpants every day and I wanted to try something new.”


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photo by Maddie Hawes

Isabella Leon, sophomore

“I get my style inspiration from movies. I aspire to be like Audrey Hepburn. We have some of the same features and I admire her elegance. I also love the designer Alexander Wang. His clothes are designed to be loose and free with classic colors. They also have a more masculine feel, which makes me feel like a stronger woman, which I love because I am a feminist.”


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photo by Maddie Hawes

Najma Omar, junior

In my head, when I look good I feel good, so [making outfits] is my way of making myself feel good. My style inspiration is Jane or Joanne in Elementary. I love her style. I love the classy-but-fun look, where I look like I could go to a business meeting with what I’m wearing, but still look cute.”


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photo by Maddie Hawes

Osiris Gray, sophomore

“Some people say I dress like a skater, but, honestly, I like to dress how I feel. If I’m feeling great one day, then I’ll wear something that makes me feel great. If I’m feeling bad one day, I’ll pick something that resembles how I feel. My style is mostly inspired by my brother. He really inspired me to dress the way I want. Some of the clothes I wear resemble stuff that I love.


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photo by Maddie Hawes

Alex Talir, freshman

“After being in New York a month ago, I saw that maybe my style wasn’t up to par. Then I bought some stuff from New York, got the style, and looked at what other people were wearing. Came back here, put it on, worked out well. [The new wardrobe] received positive feedback and I liked the East Coast style.”


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Brittané Curry and Noelle Ruiz, seniors

I consult [my friend] Noelle every night to figure out what I’m going to wear. But besides Noelle, freshman and sophomore year I was really tired of looking horrible every day. I decided junior and senior year is when it really counts; I’ve got to make myself look presentable somehow. Whether it’s a pair of sweatpants with a jean jacket or a pair of really nice pants with a t-shirt, I’ve got to dress up some way, shape or form.”


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