What you need to know about the iPad-laptop debate at KHS

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Hannah Cohen, editor-in-chief

Two days ago, Aug. 22, 2017, The Kirkwood Call’s Twitter account posted a poll asking, “Would you rather have your own laptops or iPads at KHS?” The final results of the poll indicated 90 percent (595/661) chose laptops. When the poll was released, there were unanswered questions about the brand and features of these products. Here are the answers.


  • The laptops will be Apple’s Macbook Air, and the iPads are Apple’s 5th Generation iPad
  • The amount of storage on both devices is 128 gigabytes. This contains eight times more storage than the current iPads.
  • iPads will come with a keyboard and durable Logitech CREATE case.
  • Macbook Airs have a display screen of 13 inches, iPads are 9.7
  • Both devices will have iOS 11
  • Dr. Havener said students will receive the new technology in late October to early December upon school board approval.


Tweet #iPadKHS or #MacBookKHS with why you chose your selected product.

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