Walker Natatorium damage over the weekend of Sept. 16-17

Riley Arns, sports writer

One of the Walker Natatorium windows at KHS was shattered by a rock Tuesday, Sept. 12. The following weekend, two more natatorium windows and five windows in the art room and FACs rooms had BB gun bullet holes. According to Corey Nesslage, KHS athletic director, the natatorium windows will cost close to $10,000 alone to replace. Other businesses around downtown Kirkwood have reported similar BB gun attacks. According to Missouri state law, any property damage more than $500 is considered a felony.


“[Punishments] could be a fine and or prison up to a year,” Officer Bob Johler said. “Generally for a first time offender it would be a fine. It depends on how much property damage is involved. The judge could also order a fine for the punishment on top of paying for all the damage.”


The offenders remain unknown but police are still looking into the situation.


If you have any information, please call the school at 314-213-6110-1192.