30 years since Hazelwood: Why the First Amendment matters

TKC Staff

On Jan. 12 1988, the decision that would change the fate of high school journalists around the country took place at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. In a 5-3 vote, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Hazelwood School District in the Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier case giving schools the right to prior review school-sponsored publications. Jan. 12th will mark the 30th anniversary of this decision. Across the nation, student publications are continuing a now 30-year-long fight for full access to their First Amendment rights. Currently, 37 states in the U.S. allow school administrations to censor student-run newspapers. But 37 is too many. At KHS, despite being one of 37, we are lucky to have administration that supports our student-run publications by restricting prior review, and in celebration of our rights as student journalists, TKC prepared a list of our past coverage of the First Amendment and its significance to us.

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