Photo gallery: Mr. KHS 2018

The annual Mr. KHS competition was held in the Keating theater Feb. 1. This pageant is a fundraiser for the Pommies, and the contestants are elected from different clubs and extracurricular activities. The winners of this year’s contest include Zack Demetri as Mr. KHS, Jack Dunn as first runner-up, Cornell Young as second runner-up and Jacob Martine as Mr. Congeniality.

Mr. Boys’ Volleyball: Garrett DeBoor, senior.

Mr. Chess Club: Becket Clark, senior.

Mr. Circle of Friends: Jacob Martine, junior.

Mr. PEP Nation: Tyriek Lewis, senior.

Mr. Philosophy Club: Sam Hanses, senior.

Mr. Track and Field: David Young, senior.

Mr. Yearbook: Teddy Ceresia, junior.

Mr. Band: Justin Battle, senior.

Mr. Bowling: Joe Fitter, junior.

Mr. Boys’ Swim and Dive: Mike Wedlock, junior.

Mr. Kirkwood Call: Zac Clingenpeel, senior.

Mr. Youth in Government: David Decker, senior.

Mr. Boys’ Cross Country: Bela Cseri, senior.

Mr. DECA: Jack Dunn, senior.

Mr. Football: Travion Mosby, senior.

Mr. German National Honors Society: Jack Krus, senior.

Mr. Mock Trial: Colin Thompson, senior.

Mr. Water Polo: Jacob Ewen, junior.

Mr. Boys’ Basketball: Jack Kanzler, senior.

Mr. Filmmakers Club: Jared Goudsmit, junior.

Mr. Girls’ Basketball: Cornell Young, senior.

Mr. National Honors Society: Zack Demetri, senior.

Mr. Senior Class: Clayton Pokorny, senior.

Mr. STUCO: Tim Knight, senior.

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  • Teddy Ceresia, junior, poses during the formal wear segment of the pageant.

  • Zack Demetri and Georgia Buchanan, seniors, pose during the introduction segment of the event.

  • David Young, senior, and Bridget Killian, junior, pose for the crowd.

  • Clayton Pokorny and Melanie Witt, seniors, make hearts for their audience.

  • Mike Wedlock, junior, and Megan Cleveland, sophomore, pose for the crowd.

  • Cornell Young, senior, walks onto the stage during the swimwear competition.

  • David Young, senior, poses during the swimwear segment of the event.

  • Béla Cseri, senior, poses for the swim segment of the pageant.

  • Zac Clingenpeel, senior, pretends to surf during the swimwear segment.

  • Tyriek Lewis, senior, performs the "sprinkler" during the swimwear segment.

  • Clayton Pokorny, senior, poses with an American flag during the swimsuit segment of the contest.

  • Jack Krus, senior, wows the crowd with a one-handed push-up during the swimwear segment. "I've been trying to do as much as I can senior year, so I did Male Poms and had a lot of fun with that and [Mr. KHS]," Jack Krus, senior, said. "A lot of my friends were doing it so I tried out to see if it would be fun and it was."

  • Becket Clark, senior, struts across the stage in a dress with his escort, Megan Villier, senior.

  • Colin Thompson, senior, and Charlotte Heinrich, sophomore, blow kisses to the crowd while modeling their formal wear.

  • Jared Goudsmit, junior, poses with Maria Ginoccio, junior, during the formal wear segment.

  • Jack Kanzler, senior, dips his escort, Taj Muldrow, senior, during the formal wear segment of the show.

  • Clayton Pokorny and Melanie Witt, seniors, bow to the audience.

  • Charlotte Witt, sophomore, and Justin Battle, senior, pose during the formalwear segment.

  • Lindsay Kocher, sophomore, and Tim Knight, senior, blow kisses to the crowd during the formal wear segment.

  • Meagan Biesiadecki, senior, dances with the Pommies between segments.

  • Grace Hartman, junior, performs with the varsity Pommies.

  • Megan Villier, senior, looks into the crowd during the varsity Pommies dance routine.

  • The Pommies perform during the show.

  • Taj Muldrow, junior, Meagan Biesiadecki, senior, and Maria Ginocchio, junior, kick their legs up during their performance.

  • Clayton Pokorny, senior, does a straddle jump in their dance routine.

  • Contestants throw their hands up during the dance segment of the show.

  • Travion Mosby, senior, leads the group in their dance routine.

  • Jack Krus, senior, leads the crowd in singing Happy Birthday for his sister, Audrey Krus. "[When my sister saw the video of everyone singing Happy Birthday to her] she was a little embarrassed," Jack said. "She was surprised and did not expect it at all."

  • Zack Demetri and Georgia Buchanan, seniors, pose during the formal wear segment of the show.

  • Jacob Martine, junior, asks his girlfriend, Lucy Solomon, freshman, to prom after winning the Mr. Congeniality award.

  • Cornell Young, seniors, wins second runner-up for Mr. KHS.

  • Jack Dunn, senior, waves to the crowd after being announced as the first runner-up for Mr. KHS.

  • Zack Demetri, senior, walks up to claim his prize as Mr. KHS while Tim Knight and Clayton Pokorny, seniors, cheer him on. "The whole thing was a lot of fun, but I thought it was really neat that Zack Demetri won because he's one of my close friends that I've had for a really long time," Jack Krus, senior, said. "Everyone knew that he should win, so that was a big part for me."

  • Zack Demetri, senior, accepts his crown after winning Mr. KHS. "Honestly I wasn’t expecting [to win], but I was definitely happy about it and it was definitely encouraging that my efforts to be more involved at school and have fun and be myself [were] recognized," Demetri said.

  • Zack Demetri, senior, gets crowned as Mr. KHS 2018.

  • Zack Demetri, senior, poses with the Pommies after the show.

  • Mr. KHS contestants, along with the varsity Pommies, pose for a group picture following the event.

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