Trends for spring break

Katie Judd, copy editor

After the holidays are over, it is easy to feel stuck during the final months of winter, longing for the school year to end. As the long-awaited spring break approaches, many students plan to travel during their days off, March 17 through the 26. TKC picked out the best spring break trends for any of your vacation destinations.


Finally you are able to escape the cold weather of St. Louis to feel the warm sun shine against your face. Having a tan will make you feel like it’s already the middle of summer, and you can hop into your swimsuit and head to the beach.

One pieces


Shine Sunless Tanning

$20 per spray tan (first spray tan is free)

Light, medium, and dark spray tans


Tan Towel – Ulta Beauty

$30 for 10 towelettes -self application


Xtreme Tan- Warson Woods

Tanning Bed – Single tans, or can buy in bulk





Metropolitan areas tend to have the most unique sense of fashion, but having your ripped jeans, trendy shoes and a warm jacket, you will not fail fitting in.

Ripped Jeans

Trendy Shoes



Although many spring breakers dream to go somewhere warm to get away from the cold winter, some disagree. If you are going to the mountains, there are still many trends that keep you warm in the meantime. Put on your fleece-lined leggings and grab a furry hat to stay warm and trendy.


Warm leggings

Warm Hats