Concert review: BROCKHAMPTON

Bridget Killian, art editor

In pouring rain and 30-degree weather, fans from around the St. Louis area piled into The Pageant to see up and coming hip-hop band, BROCKHAMPTON on Feb. 20. The sold-out show was the 28th stop on the “Love Your Parents” tour.

BROCKHAMPTON began in 2010 when frontman, Kevin Abstract, made a post on a forum website, KanyeToThe, asking if anyone wanted to join a band. Several people responded, and the band now has a total of 14 members. Of these 14, eight are musicians who perform at the concerts and six are producers and directors who write, manage and create music videos. In 2014, the band officially named itself “BROCKHAMPTON.”

Since 2016, BROCKHAMPTON has produced four professional albums including “All-American Trash,” “Saturation,” “Saturation II” and “Saturation III.” Their next album, “Team Effort,” will be released in 2018 (the exact date has not been revealed).

When I entered the venue at 7:00 p.m., it was packed with 2000 people. I could barely find a place to stand. Fans filled The Pageant, trailing all the way out the doors. People began lining up that morning for the 8:30 p.m. show. The mosh pit was full, but people pushed, shoved and did everything they could to fit into this coveted section. Once the lights dimmed and the place erupted in an explosion of sound and light, the crowd rushed the stage, stepping on others’ feet, pushing people out of the way and finding their way up to the front.

Their first song, “BOOGIE” opened the show and everyone sang along. This was the perfect song to open the show with. It featured the eight musicians and had a bassline that literally shook the floor. The band continued with songs from their newest album, “Saturation III,” including two personal favorites of mine, “HOTTIE” and “SISTER / NATION,” but also graced fans with songs from past albums such as two other favorites, “GOLD” and “BUMP” and sneak peaks of material that has not yet been released.

The stage mirrored the vibe of the music, featuring a living room aesthetic complete with couches and chairs that was perfect for a question and answer game that band leader, Kevin Abstract, started with the audience. This showed the band’s connection with their fans and gave them a personal touch that made the concert-going experience even more enjoyable. After the Q&A, they tried to trick the audience into thinking their show was over by leaving the stage, but the audience continued to chant their name until they came back to perform several more songs in an encore.

Every second of the concert was fantastic. Their unique take on hip-hop music and the variety of people in the group gave the band a fresh sound that only they can produce. Their interaction with the audience mixed with an exceptional live sound made the concert an exciting and wild experience that was worth waiting out in the rain for. This was a concert that surely left ears ringing, voices cracking and hearts pounding.