Orange you glad you have an Apple TV?

Jonathan Munroe, news writer

Apple TVs are the newest line of technology introduced to KHS classrooms. The equipment includes a 70 inch Sony flat screen, an Apple TV and a rolling cart to which the TV is mounted. That comes to a total of $2,144 a set. This year, 75 TVs have been distributed leaving 35 classrooms without this new technology.

“Each department had a different allocation of TVs and the department chairs determined the people they would go to,” Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, said. “A lot of departments sent out emails seeing if any teachers would be interested and the decisions went from there. The first priorities went to people with broken ActivBoards but it really came down to the department chairs.”

Eric Zigler, head of technology at KHS, had a significant say in the decisions on the number of TVs that would be given to each department. Zigler visited every KHS classroom to determined which projectors were broken or had poor visibility.

“There were a lot of classrooms where they had to turn off the lights and close the blinds just to even make out anything,” Zigler said. “I made the recommendations on the classrooms that were the most in need of a projector and the recommendations were provided to the school administrators and the department chairs. From there it was entirely decided by them.”

Katie Hall, algebra teacher, is one of 35 KHS teachers without Apple TVs. With only a certain amount of TVs for the math department, most of them went to geometry classrooms.

“Initially, they had a set amount that were being distributed to each department,” Hall said. “The [math] department head, Jeff Gutjahr, decided that because of the people who volunteered, only geometry teachers would get Apple TVs so all the geometry classes could have the same learning experience. Those teachers could collaborate and work together and since then, extra TVs were donated and they scattered them to rooms that had active boards that were dysfunctional.”

There are plans in place to hopefully give TVs to every teacher at KHS. Although there is no end date set, all TVs will be funded through donations. Once the Apple TVs have been set up in each classroom, the old ActivBoards will be used for extra parts, moved to storage and eventually auctioned.

“The TVs are cheaper and the clarity and mobility allows a lot more flexibility for each teacher,” Havener said. “Back in the day when we first got ActivBoards, TVs were not an option and now we have the ability to set up their classroom for the best learning environment.”