Kirkwood reverses its decision to suspend curbside recycling

Emma Lingo, web managing editor

The City of Kirkwood announced it was reversing its decision to end curbside recycling on Sept. 6.  

The recycling program was in danger of ending in late October due to Resource Management, the city’s recycling processor, hiking up their prices per ton of recyclables. Starting in October, Resource Management will charge $35 per ton instead of $15 per ton. In a statement to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Bill Bensing, public service director, said the city will use sanitation department reserve funds to maintain the curbside recycling program. This will take care of the extra costs for six to 12 months.


In the meantime, the city will try to find a more economical, manageable way to deal with the city’s recyclables. Residents now pay $20.50 monthly for weekly recycling; that price will remain unchanged as new programs go into effect. As time goes on and more decisions are made this article will be continually updated, and all of them will be linked together.