New educational support counselors to be hired for KSD


photo by Izzy Colón

KSD is currently working to fill positions for two educational support counselors at KHS. Educational support counselors act as a resource to students who need specialized emotional support beyond that of a grade level counselor. These positions are funded by the Children’s Service Fund through BJC Healthcare, meaning these counselors are employed by BJC and placed within the district.

According to Mike Wade, associate principal, one of the former KHS educational support counselors was relocated by BJC to Westchester Elementary School and the other no longer works for BJC. Dr. Michele Condon, KSD superintendent, said there has been a large turnover this school year with educational support counselors leaving BJC.

“When someone has served in a specific role like our educational support counselor and then all of the sudden they’re not there, it’s really hard to fill that gap,” Condon said.

In the interview process, Condon said KSD staff nominates a prospective candidate for the position and BJC must approve the candidate before they are officially hired. She said KSD is working diligently in collaboration with BJC to fill these spots as soon as possible.

Wade said students can go their grade level counselors in the meantime if they need support. According to Wade, KSD aims to have these positions filled before Thanksgiving break.