Opportunity for online physical education

Logan Crews, editor-in-chief

Missouri Senate Bill 603 created Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program June 1 this summer. Launch, KHS’ new virtual education system, fits the requirements of this new Missouri law better than the previous system, Odysseyware. Students have had the opportunity first semester to enroll in online classes such as Health and Personal Finance, but next semester, an online physical education class will be available as well.

After being developed by Springfield Public Schools, the facilitator of Launch classes, online physical education will begin for KHS students in January. The course will include units with some writing assignments and physical exercises to complete with Fitbits provided by Springfield Public Schools.

“Every public school in the state of Missouri has to have options for online learning for their students,” Dr. Michael Havener, KHS principal, said. “However, we always say that the experience is not going to be the exact same experience you’re going to get with a live teacher right in front of you. We believe that we want our kids to take P.E. here.”

Although online physical education will be an option during the school year, it will not be available over the summer. As always, there will be classes at school in the summer for students seeking physical education credits.