Time to talk with TKC episode 02: the making of a musical


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Time to talk with TKC was created with the hopes of inviting students and staff at KHS to share their opinions about topics they are passionate about. Some episodes may involve debate with several students or staff members at a time.

Maddie Hawes , associate editor

Time to talk with TKC anchor Maddie Hawes sits down with Max Reinert, junior, and Jared Goudsmit, senior, to talk about their success at the MO Thespian conference in the Musical Works contest. The contest required contestants to write a score for an opening number of an original musical and the winning writer and musician auditioned actors and staged their number to showcase at the closing ceremony of the MO Thespian retreat. Goudsmit and Reinert describe their experience at the conference, what they learned from the contest and share their backgrounds in writing and music. Tune in to hear tips and tricks to consider when writing a musical or a musical number.

Listen to “Wrath of the PTA” here

Listen to Max’s music on his Soundcloud account here