Uncovering high school relationships

High school is stressful enough with classes, sports, and the troubles of being a teenager. Throw in the opposite sex and it becomes a full time job. Never knowing what someone means when they send you a flirty text is enough to drive someone insane. When 11 students were asked if they would rather have a serious relationship or just a fling in high school, this is what they said.

Sophomore boy: “I just look for a fling because its high school. It’s time to have fun. It’s not time to have a relationship/”

Junior boy: “Just a fling because it’s pointless to try to have a relationship at this point. It’s high school so it can’t really go anywhere. Going off to college would just cause a lot of complications. Why get attached now if it won’t last?”

Junior girl: “I don’t really look for either. But, I guess if I had to I would look for a fling because if you’re in a serious relationship in high school when you go off to college its going to be a lot harder to leave when you have ties here. Then there’s not any emotional attachments.”

Sophomore girl: “A serious relationship because it would make more sense in the long run. It’s more meaningful.”

Junior girl: “Well I thought I would look for a serious relationship but I realized that it might not be the best thing for high school. You should probably just have fun but a serious relationship is still nice. I am just not going to spend all my time looking for one.”

Freshman boy: “A fling because I’m too young for anything serious and I’m too young for love.”

Freshman girl: “Probably nothing really serious because I’m still young and still looking.”

Senior boy: “I would say a long relationship would be better since you get both the  hookup aspect and the emotional attachment.”

Freshman girl: “I enjoy being single, but if I had to be in a relationship I would rather it be a fling. High school is complicated enough without a long-term relationship. I’d be going out with someone just for fun.”

Sophomore boy: “I want a relationship because its something you need to work at and when it happens you know its meaningful.”

Sophomore girl: “I would rather have a short term relationship because I think that when you have a long term one, you start to influence each other and change each others personality.”

Senior girl: “As a senior it becomes more difficult to find someone that’s also looking for a serious relationship because everyone is going to go their separate ways in a few months, so a fling is easier and more convenient for time’s sake.”