Volunteer opportunities for KHS students

The holidays are approaching, and with the cold weather comes a need to help the less fortunate. Below are just a few places where students can help out.

Peter and Paul Shelter and Soup Kitchen
1919 South 7th St. Saint Louis, Missouri
(314) 231-9923
There is a men’s shelter underneath the church, and a soup kitchen nearby.

Karen House
1840 Hogan St. Saint Louis, MO
(314) 621-4052
A shelter for women and children.

St. Anthony’s Padua Food Pantry
3140 Meramec St, Saint Louis, MO
(314) 352-1460

Animal Protective Association of Missouri
1705 South Hanley Road St. Louis, MO
volunteers must be 16 years or older and submit an application. Giving donations such as cleaning products and animal care items is also welcome.

Do not forget about local business such as Goodwill and neighborhood churches, that are always looking for help.