Boys’ varsity volleyball defeats Fox 2-1

Julia Wunning-Zimmer, writer

When Ben Kirsch, the youngest varsity volleyball player, served, the ball flew high over Fox High School’s defensive fingertips, contributing to the Boys’ Varsity Volleyball 2-1 romp over Fox High School Apr. 30, 2014 at KHS.

“We started off [in the first match] real slow and our passing was bad, but we came out next game with a lot more confidence and intensity,” Kirsch said.

Though the team played their best until the end of the match, Fox defeated Kirkwood 27-25 during the first match. The team fought back and won the second match 25-22. Kirkwood kept up their fight and won their third and final match 25-21. This led the Pioneers to conquer Fox 2-1.

“It’s amazing being the only freshman because it’s fun to play at a high level with older guys,” Kirsch said.

Kirsch, who has been playing volleyball for four years, said he was surprised to be placed on the varsity team, even though he had been in contact with his coach, Keith Touzinsky. Kirsch said that his coach emphasizes self-confidence, and his coach’s morals have helped Kirsch a lot this year.

“My coach is really hard on us and I feel like he’s really negative,” Adam Ducey, junior, said.

Ducey, another Boys’ Varsity Volleyball player, led the team with two kills, a move in which the player hits the volleyball over the net and onto the opposing team’s court floor. Ducey, the tallest player on the team, towered over all of Fox and Kirkwood’s players at 6’ 7”. He has been playing volleyball for seven years and said the team has not been doing well this year, yet it has been fun.

“We’re all really good friends, so we have really good communication skills,” Ducey said, “we don’t get mad at each other”.