Kirkwood gets a pool

Lindsay Huck, web staff

Students, faculty members and Kirkwood alumni gathered in the David Holly Assembly Hall on April 23, 2014 to hear the news. KHS had received a $10 million grant to build a competitive swimming pool.

“The new addition will have a positive impact on the school in the next few years,” Kyle McDonald, junior, said. “Although the rising seniors and graduating class of 2014 won’t get to use it, I think it’s great students will be able to graduate high school knowing how to swim.”

In a study conducted by the University of Memphis in 2008, 54 percent of American children ages 12 to 18 cannot do more than splash around in the shallow end of the pool.

“I think the pool is a great addition to Kirkwood High School,” Erica Miget, freshman, said. “Students will be able to learn how to swim if they don’t know how. Swimming is a skill that everyone should know how to do because it can save your life.”

In 2006, five children drowned at Castlewood Park in the Meramec River simply because they did not know how to swim and could not escape the current of the river. Teaching children what to do in those situations will prepare them in case they are in danger, according to James Cibulka, science teacher.

“Our generation may not have the opportunity to learn how to swim,” Cibulka said. “Due to the financial situations some families are in, they don’t have the money to put their children in swimming lessons. Putting a pool in Kirkwood High School will give every student the chance to learn how to swim to prevent drowning.”

According to Cibulka, other schools around the area are not as fortunate as Kirkwood and do not have the money to build a pool. Giving the students the opportunity will prepare students for unfit and dangerous situations.

“Kirkwood is unbelievably lucky to receive the money to go forward with building the pool,” Cibulka said. “The Walkers have been incredibly generous and this pool will have a great effect on students and their experiences in the future.”