Band plans for next year

Emily Mitchell, writer

With 97 freshmen joining the KHS band next year along with the 200 students already enrolled [there is going to need to be some extra breathing room in the rehearsal space.] There are already plans in place to create that extra space in the band room for next year to accommodate the growing numbers in band members. In addition, because of the bleacher reconstruction at the KHS football field there will be a bigger area for them to play in at home football games.


“The new room will add 900 square feet to the rehearsal space, and we’ll see changes in order to adapt to that space,” Jeff Melsha, KHS band director, said.


In order to create this new rehearsal space a wall in the room will have to be demolished. The construction for this project will be done over the summer and the new space will be ready for the 2014 – 2015 school year.


“For next year I would like to have the band play more popular music at games and pep rallies” Melsha, said.


Melsha was discussing the changes he plans to make to the marching band for next fall.


“The band is always looking for ways to improve themselves ” Melsha, said.


Melsha said that however, there aren’t typically any major changes in the way they do things.


“The band section right now is really crammed so I hope they make it bigger as they’re building the new stadium, especially with the new members coming in next year,” Molly Hooks, freshman and KHS band member, said.


Hooks said she is very excited for the bigger rehearsal space next year since band is  just going to keep growing.


Both the larger rehearsal space and new stadium placement for band will provide extra room for those interested in playing for the band and will create new space for the band to rehearse to keep the band flourishing next year when it will be ready for use.