6 Back to school do’s and dont’s

Kaitlin Kilby

Lindsay Huck and Ali Randazzo

KHS high schoolers attempt to savor every last second of summer by buying their last Tropical Moose, finishing the last season of Gossip Girl on Netflix, and using the last punch on the Kirkwood Pool’s punch card. Yet are forced to face reality and prepare for the upcoming school year once August rolls around. Although it may be tough, we must face the fact that another year of school starts Aug. 19. Going back to school is nerve-wracking and scary. To ease the anxiety, here are six back to school do’s and don’ts.

1. Do get to your class quickly. You don’t want to be the one who is always late due to socializing in the hallways — be sure to respect your teachers’ class time by getting to class before the bell.

Don’t block the flow of traffic in the hallways during passing periods. Avoid meandering in the halls or stopping in the middle of the hall to talk with friends. Slow walkers receive eye rolls from surrounding peers, so put the phones and iPads away while traveling to your next destination.

2. Do stay organized and prepare ahead of time to avoid forgetting things in the morning on your way out the door. After finishing your homework, put everything back in your backpack to avoid forgetting a study guide or project.

Don’t wait until morning to gather all of your belongings for the day, otherwise you will be more likely to forget a water bottle, sports bag or script. Get into the habit of packing a lunch, laying out your backpack and after school activity bags and choosing an outfit for the following day before you go to bed. That way, in the morning you can get up and go.

3. Do find what works for you when it comes to studying and getting your work done – if that means staying up until 2 a.m. reading from your textbook, by all means, go for it. You have to find what method works for you because no two people are the same when it comes to completing tasks.

Don’t get distracted while doing homework. Most students procrastinate by constantly refreshing Twitter or stalking someone on Instagram rather than memorizing new German vocabulary. If studying with friends at St. Louis Bread Co. turns into a social hour and your English paper turns out less than Simao Drew’s expectations, lesson learned.

4. Do dress the way you want. A huge part of high school is becoming confident with the way you dress. This means if you want to wear sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt or a dress, wear it. The way you dress is all personal preference, but the most important thing is liking the way you look (within the lines of the school dress code, of course).

Don’t stress out over fitting in. A huge factor of “fitting in” at KHS is wearing the “right thing.” Do not wear something just because all your friends are wearing it. Push yourself to wear what you think is fashionable, and ignore your peer’s opinions. On the other hand, once the weather gets over 65 degrees in the spring, some students pull out their short shorts and revealing tanks from storage. Disregarding the dress code is not attractive, and students will be told by an administrator to change. Save yourself the embarrassment and make clothing choices that you will not regret.

5. Do remember to get involved in a lot of activities. You’ll keep yourself busy and meet tons of new people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Your time in high school is limited, and you need to enjoy it while you’re there. Find things you like and be sure to pursue them.

Don’t let your peers opinions or interests take priority over yours.Join activities that you are interested in, even if your friends do not plan to sign up. You will make new friends in these activities or classes who have similar interests.

6. Do take school seriously and take pride in the work you do. Studying does not mean you are lame and it is not a waste of time. Communicating with your teachers and giving them your full attention at school are vital steps needed to secure post high school plans.

Don’t think your high school career will not affect college; every year counts. Focus a little less on making your way into an exclusive friend group or catching the attention of the hot new guy/girl and more on securing your geometry grade. If you are aceing regular World History, next year consider taking AP U.S. History. Colleges are going to be more impressed with 92 percent in an Honors class, than with 100 percent in a regular class. Colleges value students who push themselves past their comfort zone, rather than cruising easily through all four years of high school.

Sadly, we must kiss goodbye the long summer nights and replace countless hours of tanning by the pool with hours of homework and lectures. Hopefully, these back to school tips make leaving summer and entering the doors of KHS a little easier. Now, only 319 days until summer vacation starts up again!