Squishy robots


When I think of a robot, usually visions of human-like, metal beings come to my mind. But a new “squishy” robot is nothing like that.

A pink “X” made of silicon created by Michael T. Tolley of the Harvard Microrobotics Laboratory can be run over and withstand heat, cold, and water. The maiden voyage was filmed and posted on youtube on September 8th. It has hollow glass beads on the inside to keep it light.

“Robots intended for use outside of laboratory environments should be able to operate without the constraints of a tether,” said Tolley, according to Txchnologist’s article from September 10th. Most soft robots work with the use of a tether and therefore are limited in their movement.

The robot doesn’t have much practical use now, but the hope is flexible robots can help in rescue missions where humans and dogs cannot. This could potentially reduce risk for first responders, firefighters and the like in disaster scenarios.

Anyway, check it out, this robot manages to be both innovation and adorable.