Haunted Houses: Scare or not to scare

Ali Randazzo and Lindsay Huck

Ali Randazzo–Too scared to get scared

As October creeps upon us, commercials with growling voices echo through radios promoting Creepyworld, Darkness, and Lemp Mansion. It is baffling to me why people would pay money to be chased around by zombies bearing chainsaws. The origin of Halloween began as a night full of mass murders and haunted houses recreate this gory event. Why risk endless nightmares for an hour of thrill? Haunted houses may put students in the holiday spirit, but carving jack-o-lanterns seems like a much more suitable activity.

Imagine your heart beat increasing as you approach the first entrance of Creepyworld, unsure of what creatures lurk in dark corners of the corn maze. Accidents at haunted houses are not unheard of. For some, their heart rate might continue to race until the point of death like patients suffering from Long QT syndrome or LQTS, those who can be scared to death.  Fun in games might turn fatal in a matter of seconds.

Not only are these houses hazardous to one’s health, but I do not want freaky ghouls touching me. Most houses and amusement parks, such as Six Flags’ Fright Fest prohibit employees from touching customers, yet the rule is not carrying through. I have heard various accounts from friends of employees grabbing shoulders, pulling arms, and chasing their customers. Adrenaline rushes are unbeatable, but haunted houses are not my ideal source.

Lindsay Huck– Undeniable terror

I can’t think of anything more thrilling than sitting on a hayride, anticipating the fear you’re about to experience on Halloween night. Halloween, whose origin is ghosts’ souls roaming, is a night of horrifying fun. An iconic tradition is going to haunted houses, where teens and adults alike come together and are chased around by different kinds of monsters, goblins and witches. Being a person who is immune to being terrified, there’s nothing more fun than laughing at people who aren’t. Since the holiday only comes around once a year, why not go all out and scare yourself?

Attractions such as Lemp Brewery, The Darkness and Creepyworld have made their way into the news by their unusually terrifying exhibits. Some of their exhibits include corn mazes, prison riots and of course, haunted houses (Creepyworld has 12). Due to the amazing haunted houses located in Saint Louis, adults who love them come here in order to be completely scared. As for young adults, they’re frequently left scared and traumatized due to all of the props used to make the house scarier. Someone who is scared of their own shadow should not be partaking in going to haunted houses.

Finally, an event such as Halloween needs to be celebrated properly, which means going all out with costumes, decorations and attractions. As a fan of Halloween and scary things in general, I love nothing more than all of the scary fun on Halloween, including scary movies, trick or treating, dressing up and in particular, haunted houses.