Daniel Stobbe, web staff

Everyone shows up to class without homework once in a while. Each time this happens it chips away at grades. A simple way to limit innocent mistakes is needed. Luckily, the school-issued iPads offer a solution to match the problem. One app that is especially useful is myHomework, an electronic planner.


The myHomework app possesses several useful features. These allow users to remember what homework to do and when to complete it. It is most useful when a school adopts it, as the app can sync across devices. This means users can access their personal information from basically anywhere and teachers can enter their assignments directly into students’ planners.


This app does not merely enter homework into a list. Users can set due dates and organize their assignments using different subjects. The clean interface and design make this app great at simplifying the typical academic planner. For example, myHomework includes a beautiful calendar that helps disorderly students achieve perfect organizational harmony.


If you want to use a non-Apple device, don’t worry. The myHomework app is supported across most devices. This includes Apple products, Android products and Windows 8 products. The phone app provides the user with the quicker ability to update homework. It auto-detects the type based on description and auto selects the due date based on class times. With pre-selected priority and reminder options you can enter new assignments in seconds. The iPad app, which is the most prevalent at KHS, provides the same features as the cell phone version, but has a larger interface, allowing for an orderly calendar view. The syncing feature enhances the experience because it presents the inputted information across all of the user’s devices.
MyHomework is an alternative to disorganized academic planners and helps forgetful students do homework.