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Cool summer jobs: Tropical Moose

August 29, 2015

The mid-July sun fails to make blue-stained smiles fade as sticky-fingered kids run about the Farmer’s Market on a sugar high. High school students exchange ice chips drenched with iridescent dye in styrofoam cups for sweaty dollars. Grant Trokey, Emily Rankin and Jack Wever have found the sweetness in the job despite the sweat and stick.

Wever, sophomore, has learned skills from manning the stand, such as the value of prioritizing the customer and the responsibility of holding a job at Tropical Moose, better known as “Tro Mo”.

Different from most summer jobs, the workers mostly run the stand themselves, apart from the occasional check-in from the boss, Jack Williams. In this relaxed atmosphere, Trokey, senior and third-year employee, is able to get along well with his co-workers, which eliminates the predicted craze that might usually surface from the long lines of customers.

“We are all from different grades and social groups, but we all just enjoy working together.” Trokey said. “It feels like we are hanging out more than working,”

Rankin, senior and second-year employee, likewise to Trokey, has found a way to enjoy the snowfall in July.

“My favorite part of the job is having made a lot of new friends and gotten closer to others,” Rankin said. “I also love eating the snow cones.”

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