Call’s declassified freshman survival guide

Will Drury, opinions writer

Suddenly you find yourself on a huge campus, walking down hallways filled with nameless faces, squeezing past crowds to reach your next class. It’s a big jump moving from middle school to high school. Although it’s impossible to be prepared for everything, there are a few tips those with experience at KHS can give you:

  1.    Get involved.

Take advantage of all KHS has to offer. There are plenty of opportunities for students to branch out, from sports, to a variety of clubs and activities. Attend the activities fair in the fall to learn more about these opportunities.

Signing up for a team or club is an easy way to meet people who have similar interests. Going into my freshman year, I didn’t know any upperclassmen until I joined track. During the season, there was only one other freshman I really talked to. By the end of the season, almost all my friends were upperclassmen who I never would have met otherwise. Participating in track was the best decision I made.

  1.     Keep up with your school work.

As important as it is to have fun, it’s equally important to remain focused in the classroom. Although sports, clubs and other activities are what make KHS fun, the main reason you’re at school every day is to learn. What you do in the classroom has a direct effect on activities outside of school. For those who plan on playing a sport, you cannot play if you haven’t earned 3.0 credits the previous semester or are not currently enrolled in at least six classes, according to the Missouri State High School Activities Association.

  1.    Talk to people and ask questions.

    There were countless thoughts running through my mind my first few weeks of school at KHS. Most of them were answered within the first few days, but some small ones. Like whether teachers are generally okay if you have a snack or drink out during class, weren’t answered until I asked other students. The beginning of the school year is the perfect time to ask teachers, administrators or Link Crew leaders any questions you have.

  1. Take advantage of your resources.

This summer, KSD renovated the school library and added the new Pride Center, which offers students even more resources to enhance their learning. Students will be able to go there to get help from teachers, do research on the new computers or study in the library.

For those who need time to study during school, you can always sign up for a study hall or an IP. Study hall and IP both take up an hour of your schedule and are time to do independant school work.  Another option if you don’t have room for an IP is to come in before or after school to get help from teachers. Last year, I fell behind on a few projects and needed to retake a couple of tests. Being able to come in early to work was a lifesaver that saved my grades on more than one occasion.

  1. First impressions count.

How you act the first few weeks of school helps determine your reputation with your teachers, and once it’s set, it’s very difficult to change. The easiest way to make a good first impression is to turn your work in on time and participate in class, especially early in the year. If you set a reputation for being a hard worker, teachers will often be more tolerant of the occasional late assignment or minor mishaps later on. If your grade is borderline, some teachers will even give you a little boost to bump it up if they know you were working hard.

Freshman year goes by fast, so take advantage of any advice you get. There’s a lot of information thrown at you, and it can all be overwhelming at first, but eventually you get the hang of high school and realize how fun KHS really is.