Burying the hatchet

Hannah Cohen, social media

After last year’s change from the Sadie Hawkins dance to a regular guys-ask-girls dance comes more changes this year. Say goodbye to Hatchet Hop and hello to Snowcoming.


With Snowcoming, clubs and other out-of-school activities will nominate students to represent them on court, rather than from the entire student body. The ballot has already been selected by all participating clubs, and a boy and girl from each class will be selected as prince and princess along with a historic Hatchet Man and Pioneer Woman, who are seniors. Voting for the prince and princess will take place Thursday the 21st during homeroom on the iPads.

Not only is the name and court changing but also the attire. Students are welcome to wear anything, as long as they are ready to dance and socialize in the blacklight evening. Clothing ranges from semi-formal to elegant; students are encouraged to wear colors like white and other neons to stand out in the blacklight with the ability to move around and dance. Blacklight accessories such as glow sticks are recommended.

The main concept of this refresh is so the dance will receive more attention than it has the past few years. Last year the school lost money from the dance due to low attendance, and if it does not rise at all this year, the dance may be cancelled forever. The school hopes all students will feel included and excited to attend the revived winter dance.

This neon winter wonderland will be Friday, Feb. 5 in the Denver Miller Gymnasium from 7:30-10 p.m. Tickets cost $5 and will be available during both lunches.

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