Senior profile: Abbie Jones

May 12, 2016


photo by Trevor Currie

All of the lights, sounds and transitions that happen during a KHS play or musical occur because of KH Players’ president and stage manager Abbie Jones. Every time the cast has rehearsal, Abbie is backstage creating props, choosing cues and taking detailed notes in the script. According to Abbie, stage managing is one of the most difficult and unrecognized roles in a show, but without it, she believes a show could not exist.

“The main goal of a stage manager is to leave such good notes that you could die one day and somebody could come into your place and [run] the show without rehearsing it once,” Abbie said.

Abbie’s success and passion in high school stage management has encouraged her to pursue the role professionally. She plans to attend Missouri State University in the fall. Abbie is particularly thankful for the directors who have helped her throughout her high school career and looks up to them as important role models.

“[Kelly Schnider, Greg Booth and Shelly Barry] have been the best support system,” Abbie said. “They have so much harmony together. They show the positive side of theater and [they show] if you have harmony with people, you’re going to make something great.”

Abbie wants to be a professional stage manager in a blackbox theater and hopes to work in a community where she can help a new theater program develop and grow. But before she leaves high school, she wants to encourage other students to participate in KH Players and experience the positive environment in which she thrived.

“Every person should try theater whether it’s onstage or backstage so they can learn what we do,” Abbie said. “It isn’t all pretty dancing and laughing. It’s a lot of hard work. Everyone [in theater] is a family. It’s the most worthwhile thing I’ve done.”

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