Senior column: Erin Bugée

University of Kansas majoring in Art and Design

Erin Bugee, artist

Chloe Hooker

Sip on this: “Juice is temporary, but sauce is forever.” These very words have stuck with me over the past few months. Sauce is known to be a powerful substance that can be used in countless variations of cuisine and recipes. Sauce is so powerful that it has even gained a gathering in pop culture. Philosophers such as Gucci Mane and Lil Uzi Vert have contributed to sauce’s popularity by referencing to sauce in social media and music. Mane said “If a man does not have the sauce, then he is lost, but the same man can get lost in the sauce,” and Vert’s lyrics “Sauce it up (sauce it up), do too much (do too much), not enough (not enough)” are both examples of how sauce has influenced their lives.

Along with a rise in media, the word sauce has even gained a new meaning. The reputable Urban Dictionary claims that “sauce is confidence,” and that sauce can be used as a term for style and attraction. For example, “Wow, look at him go! He got hella sauce today.”

Let’s go back to my main argument about sauce and juice. When you think about your fridge can you confirm how long you’ve had a bottle of sauce? Most likely not. Now think about your juices, juice doesn’t sit around for long, it’s either drank or tossed away within a few weeks before it goes bad. According to, a website which catalogs how long a food’s shelf life really is, juice only has about two months in the fridge unopened, but if opened, that juice only stays good for a week or so. On the other hand, Eat by Date also reports sauce can stay in that fridge for years, maybe even decades, unopened and if that sauce is opened, no problem! That fine bottle of liquid flavor has got up to four years, baby.