Four neediest cases: school

December 4, 2018


Lizzie Stobbe

art by Lizzie Stobbe

They have a really close family. They are an older sibling who constantly has to help with their brother and sister, it’s annoying, but they are close and have a lot of good memories with them. They remembered when their younger brother got in trouble for no reason while they and their sister laughed a lot and joked around. Dancing with their sister is something they enjoying doing and they both love the same music, hip-hop. Their mother is a huge part of their life, their mom is nice and protective. Christmas is their favorite holiday because they get to spend more time with their mom. Something else they enjoy about Christmas is the food, (chitlins is their favorite thing to eat, a food made out of the pig intestines.) and getting clothes and shoes. Their favorite type of shoes are Jordans, Uggs, Nikes and different types of clothing—both masculine and feminine.

They used to struggle with their temper, and taking their anger out on others, but have learned how to better handle it, many Kirkwood teachers have been helpful and understanding about it. Going to school makes them feel good because they feel welcomed. Chemistry and math interests them and might consider going into a chemistry career. Going into high school, they thought there would be more drama than there actually is, but they actually experienced the opposite. They ended up making close friends, many who they would have never thought to meet.

Just like any other teenager, they love music, have a good group of family, and love to joke around with their family.

Donations list:

Person A

size 5 in juniors clothing or S in women’s sizes, 10 in women’s shoes

Person B

size 3 in junior clothing or size XS in women’s, size 6 in women’s shoes

Person C

size 32 waist, large in jogging pants, 9½ in men’s shoes

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