Don’t Go Bacon My Heart

You wake up. With a sigh of relief you realize it’s the weekend, you don’t have to rush to get ready for school. After laying in bed for an hour watching “Friends” on Netflix (for the millionth time), you begin to smell the sweet, sizzling scent of bacon coming from your kitchen downstairs. Eager to fill the empty void in your stomach, you rush down the stairs to see a buffet of eggs, bacon, fruit and juice all ready for your morning feast. If this isn’t an ideal weekend morning, we seriously need to talk. Breakfast is, without a doubt, the best meal of the day. Whether it’s The Shack, First Watch, Denny’s, or simply your kitchen, what’s on the menu for breakfast will always top lunch or dinner. 

We all grow up eating breakfast, but at some point in our busy, chaotic teenage lives some people begin to see breakfast as unnecessary. A recent NPD survey on the effects of breakfast showed that nearly 31 million Americans do not eat breakfast. This means there are nearly 31 million people in this great country are being deprived of the most flavorful meal of the day.  It would not be a stretch for me to say I pity those who skip breakfast. 

Although I understand that breakfast is the easiest meal to skip (shoutout to everyone who sleeps past noon), starting the day with no calories to burn simply doesn’t prepare you for whatever it has in store. I’m tired of hearing the excuse of not having time for breakfast. By eating a complete meal in the morning, you are giving your body protein and nutrients you can thrive on, and providing your taste buds with true euphoria.

Sharon Collisson, University of Delaware dietary nutritionist, encourages all people to eat a balanced breakfast every day. She said in an interview with Time Magazine, People who consume breakfast regularly often have increased physical activity. They have better dietary profiles and lower intake of snacks.” Although no study has proven the urban legend that eating breakfast leads to weight-loss, it does promote a healthier lifestyle.

Putting aside the benefits of eating breakfast, one thing stays true: breakfast food is delicious. I don’t mean just the basic combo of eggs, bacon and sausage–I’m talking about the various creations you can make with the ingredients breakfast food. Avocado toast, yogurt parfaits, breakfast burritos- the options are truly limitless. Although not all breakfast foods are healthy, treating yourself to a short stack with a side of bacon every once in a while is nothing to be ashamed about. Breakfast is breakfast, and it is truly a gift.

Come to think of it, this morning meal is the only meal that receives any hate from our society. Have you ever heard the words “I hate dinner” or “I’m just not a big lunch person,” come out of any of your friend’s mouths? Probably not, and I’m here to say the hate needs to stop. 

From bringing people together over coffee cups and stacks of pancakes to giving athletes and workers a kick start bright and early in the day, breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day.