iSpy: Stalking made easy


Graesen Joyce

Freedom – isn’t that what every teen wants? In our current technologically-advanced society, it’s simple, especially with Life360! 

Freedom – isn’t that what every teen wants? In our current technologically-advanced society, it’s simple, especially with Life360

Life360 is an app which allows parents to track their kids 24/7 and receive notifications whenever their kid arrives somewhere or if their phone is dying. It even reports your driving speed. While this may seem overbearing, according to Dr. Vanessa Lapointe, author, parenting expert and registered psychologist, Life360 makes you more independent because you can tell your parents when you are turning your location off and on, so they know when they can start spying on you again. Easy peasy and no questions asked when you decide to not use the tracker one night. Because your parents track you all the time, they know their perfect little angel would never abuse their trust. 

But that’s not all. 

You can use tracking apps to track your parents too! See that your mom is at the mall? Ask her to buy you a portable charger so she can always have one on hand when Life360 notifies her that your phone is dying. Is your dad at the grocery store? Text him to pick up a pint of Edy’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for you to eat at home by yourself since your parents won’t let you go out. Even if your parents don’t want you to know where they are, Life360 makes sure you never miss the chance to catch them buying your birthday gifts or throwing you a surprise party. Now you can show up to the party early – who’s surprised now?

Lapointe advocates for Life360 because it allows parents to know when their kid is ready to be independent. Since the brain doesn’t fully mature until your mid-to-late 20s, you need to know your helicopter mom and snowplow dad are only a notification away from swooping in. When your parents track you, you are able to be more free because you feel safe. Tracking is freedom. Ignorance is strength. Big Brother and Mother are watching you.

If Life360 isn’t enough for you, Kirkwood implemented a new program to track your bus. All you have to do is download the FirstView app, enter in your Kirkwood Student ID “…and happy tracking!” Now your parents know exactly when you are going to be home so they can greet you at the bus stop with a big kiss and a “How was your day honey?” The red lipstick on your forehead will show your bus buddies just how cool you are. But the tracking doesn’t have to stop there.

I know how much everyone loves Securly, so wouldn’t you want it incorporated in every aspect of your personal technology, too? Well, did you know you could download it onto your home devices? You can also get programs like Bark and VISR, alerting your parents of your suspicious conversations without you even having to give them your password. What fun!

Tracking can also be very beneficial when it comes to dating. Say your boyfriend is getting chatty with this girl in his science class. Are they just lab partners or has he found a new snuggly pooh to Netflix and chill with? Snapchat’s Snap Map is always a great go-to to see if he’s hanging at her house, but if that’s not enough, download Life360 on his phone and then you can actually follow him. The app will create navigated directions for you to his exact location, so you can hop in the car and skeet skeet to your stalking. Some might say this is creepy, but what’s wrong with knowing where someone is and what they are doing all of the time? I think it shows dedication and commitment to the relationship. 

Remember, tracking is freedom. So next time your parents say you can go out, don’t rely on basic trust. Tell your parents to download Life360 because you can never truly have freedom until your family knows your every move.