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Meredith Millstone

March 2, 2020


Her empty Talenti gelato cup is filled with mini cucumbers. Her vans shoe keychain is looped around her finger that isn’t holding the cup. She wears a grey Thrasher hoodie and has on black platform boots. According to Meredith Millstone, she goes to the art hall because all her classes are in art, and, like Carter, this is her downtime.

“I just use [art] as an outlet,” Millstone said. ”When stuff comes to my brain, I want to put it down on paper.” 

Millstone wants to go to Savannah College of Art and Design, majoring in fashion management. She’s taking AP 2-D Art and is doing a sustained investigation on the emotion behind discrimination in the LQBTQ+ community.

“I am a lesbian and an activist,” Millstone said. “[My project] has given me a different [perspective] because I have to look at the homophobic side.”

According to Millstone, she is trying to capture the emotion behind both sides of the LQBTQ+ issue. Her goal is to convey the emotion to whoever is viewing her art, even if the viewer may be homophobic.

“I definitely have grown a lot [through the art department],” Millstone said, joking about how she used to blend using her finger. “I used to come at [homophobic] people [for their viewpoint], but now I see how maybe they were raised differently, and it has given me a new look on why people are homophobic.”

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