Fashion splash


Audrey Blaine

The first step to garment making is creating a sketch. This is shown up above of what a sketch might look like.

Pools and fashion are not always thought of to go together, but in the Kirkwood Fashion Splash they do. COVID-19 has affected how people hold events and how they function, so when it came time to plan the Kirkwood Fashion Splash, the board had to think of some alternative ideas. This fashion show has been held in the KHS natatorium for the past three years, but instead this year the clothes will be posted online for viewing. The Fashion Splash, run by the Kirkwood School District Foundation, uses its profits to help support the Legacy Foundation. This foundation supports the pay for the maintenance of the Walker Natatorium. 

Amanda Roberts, KHS Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher, explained how the show was a time that the community can come together to celebrate what students have learned. This show not only displays what students have made, but also what local businesses and boutiques have in store. Teachers and parents model clothes from local businesses. Roberts said along with clothing businesses, different local restaurants donate food for a brunch held at the Fashion Splash. 

Before the pandemic, boards were set up so students could post what they had made.”

— Amanda Roberts

This year, being a COVID-19 year has changed how the Fashion Splash worked. “ Before the pandemic, boards were set up so students could post what they had made, including tote bags that were a test for Fashion I students,” Roberts said. “ Some garments may also be shown on dress forms.”

 The students who walk down the bulkhead, which spans the width of the pool, get their hair and makeup done. While each student walked down the runway an emcee talked about each of their garments. Roberts said this was a time for each student to show off what they had made and learned throughout their time in the fashion construction class. 

While this event may seem easy to plan, Mary Loida, the chair for Fashion Splash, said it is not as easy as it seems. She said one of the challenges is to schedule the event at the pool.

Along with getting a date, you meet with the committee and try to get local boutiques to join.”

— Mary Loida

“[The] most important thing is you have to get a date at the pool, which isn’t an easy thing to do, the pool is busy all the time,” Loida said. “Along with getting a date, you meet with the committee and try to get local boutiques to join.” 

While this is a fundraiser, the most important part is showing off the prestigious natatorium and garments the students have made. The event showcases many things Kirkwood is proud of: the students, the faculty but also its community outreach to different businesses. While the students will not get a traditional Fashion Splash this year, there is the online showcase. Students this year have learned to expect the unexpected due to COVID-19 and this is an example of it. The fashion splash may be a lesser known event, but one that should not be overlooked.

“I am not getting the traditional Fashion Splash experience,” Angelina Casey, freshmen said. “I am still excited to take part in it this year.”