Photo gallery: Aim 7v7 tournament April. 24

The 7v7 tournament is one of my favorite tournaments. It is when people all over the USA come to St. Louis and play at Sportport International. It was all day on Saturday April 24th. I wanted to do this gallery on Aim Field Hockey tournament to show what it is like and what it would be like if you were there. To show even more what it was like I asked some of my teammates some question about the tournament.

The first question was, What was your favorite part about the 7v7 tournament? Keegan Meister a freshman said “Being able to finally play as a team cause we didn’t have any games before the tournament. So it was nice to see how we work together.”

The second question was, How well do you think you played? Abby Rea a freshman said “Not gonna lie I did pretty bad in the first two games, it got better, but I think I was just really nervous so I didn’t play well.”

The third question was, How do you think your team did? Emmy Pollock a freshman said “My team got second in our pool, we started out rough but we got a lot better as we went on and we put up a good fight.”

And to tie it all up, Bella Vandeloecht a sophomore said “My favorite part of the 7v7 was just getting to play. I’m very grateful that we got to play after the crazy year we’ve had and even though we didn’t win any of our games, you could see the improvement of the team in every game as we came together a team and became one.”