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Joe Ross, sophomore

November 28, 2021


Josie Baker

Joe Ross, sophomore, dresses in khakis and a blue polo for “dress like a day day.”


TKC: What piece of clothing first comes to mind when you think of a dad?

JR: “A nice ironed collared shirt [with] visors and sunglasses on top. It’s like the classic golf outfit [and] can be worn anywhere from golfing to [going to] QuikTrip [or] Lowe’s. [The outfit] radiates such dad energy.”


TKC: How would you describe your dad outfit?

JR: “Cool [and] classy. It gives off, waking up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, going golfing, then making a trip to Home Depot to get lumber or something like that. That’s the vibe I’m trying to get off.”

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