Answers to winter crossword

  1. 2. Salt – It has many uses, from seasoning your holiday meals to melting snow and ice.
  2. 5. Folklore- Best Taylor Swift album for seasonal depression.
  3. 11. Gift – Card Something you tell all your extended family to get you for the holidays.
  4. 12. Slippers- Considered “house” shoes but almost everyone wears them to school.
  5. 14. Hidden – Valley The best (and only) ski resort close to Kirkwood.
  6. 15. NFL – A fun game to watch on Sundays to avoid interacting with your family while trapped inside from the cold.
  7. 16. Defrosters – Every morning, these are used to see while driving.
  8. 17. Spring – Break Everyone looks forward to this week away from school to get out of town.
  9. 19. Turtleneck – Piece of conservative clothing to combat grandma’s disapproving stares.
  1. 1. Pete Davidson is _unattractive_ according to last year’s TKC staff. (Hint: answer can be found on our website).
  2. 3. Quizzes – The best way to waste time in class found on the TKC website.
  3. 4. Hockey – The winter sporting event equivalent to the FNL football game.
  4. 6. WiFi – Something KHS doesn’t have.
  5. 7. Puffer – Jacket A crucial item in every person’s wardrobe to stay warm and make you look like a marshmallow.
  6. 8. Flare – The most popular leggings style that almost every girl wears.
  7. 9. Malibu – Trisha Paytas’ baby’s name.
  8. 10. Beanie – Winter statement piece that brings warmth to your head.
  9. 13. Snow – This causes school to be canceled during the winter.
  10. 18. Pale – The unfortunate effect winter has on all people who spent summer getting tan.