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March 6, 2014

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TKC: “What’s your proudest moment?”

“Probably being the best water polo goalie in the state of Missouri for two years straight…I’m being that serious look it up”

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“I’m afraid of not having mentors in college like the ones that have helped me through so much in high school.”

Simao Drew & Andrew Lowe

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TKC “If you could have any superpower what power would you want?”

“I wouldn’t want to fly. That’d be way too public. Invisible just gets kinda sketchy. Power of healing that would be kinda cool. Heal people both mentally and physically. It would be a tough job though, because sometimes people don’t need to be healed.”

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TKC: “Who do you love most in the world?”

“Well, I was gonna say Beyoncé, but I guess I should say my family.”

Andrew Johnson & Ellie Van Camp

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TKC: “Why do you dress so nicely?”

“It makes me feel like I’m not a failure. When I wear sweat pants I feel like trash.”

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“When I was five I was afraid of the basement”

Statue & Phillip Diest

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TKC: “What year did you graduate?”


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TKC: “What is the best part about being a teacher?”

“Any teacher will tell you they feel the best when your students have success at something that’s difficult. I had a student in a physics class and he and I bumped heads quite a bit. The kid had a 34 ACT and he ended up failing a semester of my physics class. The very next year he writes me a thank you note for failing him because it pushed him and taught him how to work hard. He went on to be successful in college. Teaching is kind of like golf, you could hit 20 bad shots in a row. You could hit 200 bad shots in a row even, but you hit that one good shot and you want to play again. You have hundreds of students each year and you have to fight through it, but three years after that you hear back from a student who maybe is in med school or is a Phd, and that’s what makes you keep going.”

Lorenzo Brinkley & Alex Bess


TKC: What makes you happiest?

“What makes me happiest? When I see a little freshman, by the time they become a senior all grown up and not doing the same silly stuff they used to do”

Bess, Alex 400

TKC: What are you most excited about going to college?

“I’m excited to meet a lot of new people without them knowing me since I was six.”

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