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January 19, 2016

IMG_5498Cece Hensley

“When I had my babies. I just really enjoy being a mom. Now my kids are 39, 36, 34, 31 and 18. It’s been so awesome watching them grow up and seeing what they have become. One of my kids is a paralegal, one is a neonatal nurse, one is a schoolteacher and one is a lawyer. [To any moms] enjoy; just enjoy every second [of being a mom] and read to them and play with them every chance you get.” -Rhonda Glasgow

strangedonutsdudeHannah Cohen
“Well, Kirkwood’s a really interesting place with some very demographic people, and the coolest thing that’s happened since I’ve worked there would have to be when we told a girl that if she ate one of the Strangers, a Banana Foster Stranger in under two minutes that we would buy it for her, so she stood here and ate a donut and two scoops of ice cream in two minutes.” -Adam Fall

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