VOK: 1.29

January 29, 2016

VOC copyLindsay Huck

Cara: “We met at a Kirkwood football game. I was a senior and he had already graduated, and were married in ‘83.”

TKC: What was your first thought when you met?

Jeff: “What a babe.”

VOC2 copyLindsay Huck

“[The happiest moment of my life] was when I got my masters degree in counseling…I love people…I’m retired now but I was in the nursing home business working with mentally ill people. [The experience] was wonderful…There wasn’t any place for mentally ill that can’t take care of themselves, so it was great…In some ways [the way we treat mental health] is better, but it’s certainly not as good as it should be. I think there should be more housing, I think there should be more grants and finances that help them have a life and get their medication. Generally they’re poor with no money, and sometimes they don’t take their medication because they don’t like it, but also because they can’t get it and don’t want to spend their precious social security disability money on medicine, or something like that.” -Maxine

image1-1 copy copy copyChristian Heutel


“I try to volunteer each year close to the holidays at various grocery stores, such as Walgreens, because I know there are so many people out in the community who are less fortunate than myself and even though sometimes it’s freezing, it makes me feel better knowing it is for a good cause.” -Salvation Army volunteer

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